Coudre is a post-digital crafts studio designing and manufacturing unique, non-serialized pieces. Using our own hand-made 3D printers, different paste formulations are extruded according to complex hand-crafted machine paths. The resulting shapes are the interaction of digital toolpaths, matter agency and serendipity.


The studio was founded by three young creatives delving into the intersections of ancient traditions & innovation, analogic & digital, and sensitive matter & technology. Coudre was born and is based in Poblenou, a vibrant neighbourhood in Barcelona.


Reach us at [email protected].


The Coudre team posing in their studio, among pieces, printers and plants.

From left to right:

Raul Nieves

Creative technologist, former new media artist.

Valeria Ustarez

Designer mixing digital and traditional manufacturing processes with a background in arts.

Jude Serena

Craftsman of matter and code with a drive to make good objects.


  • Ona Orozco: material research
  • Anna Izquierdo: photography
  • Joan Raventós: glaze consultant
  • Martí Guixé