Recycled fibers

A hand holding a small printed cylinder. Its material looks granulated.

Coming soon!

Robot gesturality

A bright yellow, industrial robotic arm with a metal arc tool attached to its end.

Modifying traditionally made ceramic pieces with Stäubli's TX-60 robotic arm.

Printed L-Systems

A 3D printer nozzle is in the process of extruding clay. The resulting tubular shape has a texture with multiple spike-like protrusions.

Research on generative printable shapes, under the Premis Barcelona grant.

Post-digital vases 3

A white pocelain vase holding a thin, undulating plant. The piece has an organic shape and some patches of what resemble thick, porcelain hairs growing out of it.

Exhibited in XYZ at the Terracotta museum, La Bisbal d'Empordà, and in The Rear-View Mirror at the Adorno gallery. Pieces for sale.

Reprint Ceramics

3 white 3D-printed lamps hang from thick black or red wires at different heights. They have textures similar to frayed textiles. Their light shines through the spaces between the ceramic 'threads'.

Upcycled household ceramic waste, in the form of 3D-printed lamps.

Post-digital vases 1

Two 3D-printed ceramic vases, each on its own pedestal, in front of a wall covered in framed oil paintings of flower vases.

For the On Flower Power exhibition, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome.

Innovation workshop

3D-printed perfume diffuser with an organic orange glass lid, and a leather cover by its side.

To stimulate the perception of new materials, new processes and new technologies.