Tableware for Martí Guixé's Ex-Designer

Martí Guixé's Ex-Designer is a bar where customers can have a beer with tapas while watching the printers build up the tiles, chairs and utensils that make up the space itself.

In a bar where the end goal is to have every object be 3D-printed, tableware posed a challenge. Although food-grade, the PLA plastic usually used in 3D-printing degrades, leaks and breaks easily after a few uses, as well as being difficult to wash. 3D-printed ceramic tableware, made of stoneware and glazed for a non-porous finish, allows for the robustness and ease of use of traditional ceramics while fitting into the Ex-Designer's concept.

Guixé's tableware page
A series of geometrical 3D-printed bowls and glasses, in different earth tones ranging from chocolate brown to bone white.

Photograph by Inga Knölke, 2020.

The softly lit interior of the Ex-Designer bar. The chairs and tiles covering the walls and bar are made out of 3D-printed plastic, in slighly different grey tones. The reliefs of the tiles create large scene illustrations and abstract motifs.

Photograph by Inga Knölke, 2020.