Post-digital vases 1

Coudre took part in the exhibition On Flower Power. The Role of the Vase in Arts, Crafts and Design, curated by Martí Guixé and Inga Knölke for the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Rome. This first series of post-digital vases is the conclusion of several years of texture printing research.

Exhibition page
Shot of the exhibition gallery. Two 3D-printed ceramic vases, each on its own pedestal, in front of a wall covered in framed oil paintings of flower vases. The first piece, made of printed porcelain, in the shape of a tube. Its texture is heavy, resembling vertical lines when looked at from afar. The second piece, also made of printed porcelain. It is shaped like a round beaker, with the top slightly thinner than the base, and a knitted-like texture. A shot of the exhibition gallery. Multiple marble pedestals with the exhibited vases on top, by different artists. There's framed paintings in the wall behind. The hands of a person browsing the exhibition catalog, featuring Coudre's pieces among other pictures.