Reprint Ceramics

Reprint Ceramics is a series of 3D-printed lamps, parametrically designed and made from recycled ceramics. It combines the special 3D clay printing technique developed by Coudre Studio with the methodology for upcycling discarded household ceramics (Remake Ceramics) by Fabrique Publique. This joint initiative between the Spanish and Dutch designers was selected and supported by the EU WORTH Partnership Project.

The objective behind Reprint Ceramics is to develop more circular options for the 3D clay printing industry and to show that "take-make-discard" approaches are no longer an option. By using post-industrial and post-consumer ceramic waste as a resource for making new high-quality objects, the project demonstrates how the use of waste can reduce supply chain costs, decrease the use of raw materials and improve the ecological footprint whilst making beautiful products.

Fabrique Publique and Coudre Studio not only love making beautiful products, but also want to create a new mindset by which consumers can appreciate waste materials and their application in high-quality products. The lamps are a showcase of both material and technique: their tactility, look and feel, and organic structure fit perfectly.

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A closeup of the opening of a lit lamp. The lamp has a polygonal cross-section, therefore the opening appears as a 10-point star shape. The three lit lamps, mounted as table lamps. The picture compares how the lit lamps look with the room's lights on and the room's lights off. The lamp's light shines very visibly through the printed layers when in darkness. A close-up of the printed layer texture. The material is white porcelain, and small specks of colored glass-like material (from the recycled ceramic waste) are visible. The lamps hang from thick black or red wires at different heights. They have textures similar to frayed textiles.